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Staying on top of annual physical exams is the best way to reduce your risk of serious medical problems. At his office in Channelview, Texas, board-certified internal medicine specialist Esteban N Berberian, MD, PA, provides annual physical exams to men, women, and children 12 and older. Call Dr. Berberian’s office today to schedule your next physical exam or book your appointment online.

Annual Physical Exams Q&A

What are annual physical exams?

Dr. Berberian’s annual physical exams include preventive medicine, evaluations, diagnoses, and treatment if needed to ensure that you stay as healthy as possible. The exams allow him to detect health problems before they become serious. Dr. Berberian is extensively trained in primary care medicine, including men’s and women’s health care.

What happens during annual physical exams?

During annual physical exams, you can expect the following:

Vital signs check

Dr. Berberian checks your pulse, blood pressure, temperature, and other vital signs to assess your overall health and wellness. He also evaluates your body weight and your body mass index (BMI), the percentage of fat to lean body mass.

Medical history review

Dr. Berberian reviews your medical history and asks if you’re suffering from any symptoms. He discusses your personal and family histories of disease, what medicines you’re taking, and past surgeries or other treatments.

Physical exam

During the physical exam portion of your annual physical, Dr. Berberian evaluates your health by checking your eyes, breathing, throat, neck, abdomen, heartbeat, reflexes, and more. He conducts prostate exams in men and breast and pelvic exams in women, including Pap tests to screen for signs of cervical cancer.

Disease screening

Dr. Berberian often orders urine and blood tests, skin cancer screening, allergy or asthma tests, X-rays, or other imaging procedures to detect or rule out medical problems.


You might not require treatment if you’re in good health, but Dr. Berberian offers preventive medicine services as well. Examples include vaccinations, birth control, health coaching, dietary supplement advice, weight loss counseling, and more.

He provides prescription medications and other treatments as needed. He can refer you to a specialist for complex or severe medical problems.

When should I schedule annual physical exams?

As the name implies, schedule annual physical exams each year to maximize your health and wellness. You can schedule a visit with Dr. Berberian if you have questions or concerns about your health or notice new or unusual symptoms. He can see you for same-day appointments if you or a family member becomes ill or is injured.

Call Esteban N Berberian, MD, PA, today or go online to schedule your next annual physical exam.